Maria Moliner Awards 2011

The Spanish Ministry of Culture proceeds to deliver the Maria Moliner Awards for Voluntay Reading Encouragement as of 2011. This year, the awarded libraries are those located in  Tuéjar (Valencia), Pozoblanco (Córdoba) and Oleiros (A Coruña), because of their steady record at encouraging voluntary reading in locations where population is not even 50.000.

The winning projects of this prize, founded by the Spanish Federation of Cities and Provinces (FEMP) along with the Coca-Cola Foundation, have been “Together we build the library, together we build the world. The 2011Program for Voluntary Reading Encouragement. (Tuéjar) “Reading does not raise barriers: 5th Edition of the Book Hall” (Pozoblanco), and “The Refreshing Reading” (Oleiros). Each location will be given 200 books of Children and Youngsters Literature and 12.000 €.

At the same time, Honourable Mention has been assigned to the projects presented by Iurreta (Vizcaya), Castuera (Badajoz) y Cieza (Murcia).

With the Campaign Closure, 300 Public Library Projects are also awarded.

The Maria Moliner Awards for Voluntary Reading Encouragement belongs to the Voluntary Reading Encouragement Program currently conducted by the General Management of Books, Archives and Libraries, and it is highlighted as one of the most promising campaigns as well as a powerful activity in terms of its social influence, ever since it targets places where the population figures are lower than 50.000.